Your Nails Don’t Need a Break, But Your Body Might

Your Nails Don’t Need a Break, But Your Body Might

Your Nails Don’t Need a Break, But Your Body Might


Too much of anything is never good, especially for your health. Just as what goes on inside your mind can have harmful effects on your overall well-being, so can what you do to your body on the outside. Think of your body as a sponge, absorbing all your products you use, the foods you eat, and the places you go!



With that in mind, can you think of anything bad that may be absorbed into your body? Most likely! Let us introduce you to the idea of a chemical overload, which is exactly what it sounds like, a high level of toxins in your body that exceeds what you can process.


You may have heard the concept that your nails need to breathe between polishing. This isn’t necessarily true. If you use non-toxic nail polishes like Taylor Made, your nails can handle relatively consistent polish applications. When paired with natural nail care products, like our cuticle oil or soy polish remover, this is especially true. 

 Non toxic Nail Care products

On the flip side, your nails just might need some time off if you use nail polishes and associated care products with toxins, those can really do some damage to your nails and your body in general. Also, depending on your profession or your general life style, everything (nails included) need a break to balance out any chemical overload! If your city has high levels of pollution, or your job has you directly touching or indirectly exposed to toxins, your body may be pushing its limits.


Imagine your body as a bucket with a slight leak. That bucket will be filled with toxins from everyday life exposure, but as you’re exposed, your body processes these harmful chemicals or leaks out of the bucket. In some situations, your body (and that bucket) may fill up faster than you can process! Or, even if the exposure isn’t high, by taking a break from toxic exposure, you can empty that bucket and improve your overall health.


So, how can you reduce your toxin load and reset?


One way is to take an overall break from any potential harmful products in your body. This includes household cleaners, nail polish, makeup, or any other body or skin products. It doesn’t have to be forever, just spend a week or two giving your body a rest, then you’ll reset!


If you’d like to reduce your chemical overload for the longer term, try to start making choices that will tax the body less, like toxin free nail polish, all-natural nail polish remover, or organic face, hair, and body products. These simple switches will lead to long term benefits. It’s helpful to remember how absorbent your skin is, and anything you come in contact with can be absorbed into your system, for better or for worse!


One other important thing to keep in mind is that what you put in your body is just as important as what you put on it! Try to choose organic and clean food options to reduce your exposure to toxins like pesticides, plastics, or other chemicals.

Are you ready to spring into a detox for the season? A break from the toxins and a body reset from any chemical overload may help. And when you’re ready to resume your beauty regimen, and want to keep it clean, check out the ways you can customize your toxin free nail polishes with the Make Your Own Kits and maintain healthy natural nails!