What's in a Make Your Own Polish Kit?

What's in a Make Your Own Polish Kit?

Making your custom-made nail polish couldn’t be easier with our Make Your Own Polish Kit (#myopkits), carefully curated with everything you need to take you from start to finish with your own personal nail polish creation. All you need is some creativity and your own personal style. On our end, we offer a Virtual Color class as a bonus to guide you through the kit, which includes easy instruction with one of our expert polish makers to craft your perfect color…psst – this is super fun experience with friends!


Pink Make Your Own Polish kit


Basic Tools

             The #myopkits come equipped with all the basics to make sure your polish making process goes smoothly.  Included is a 2×3 feet biodegradable surface mat to place on your work surface, as well a placemat to put on top as the primary work area. For formula creation and polish making, there’s a mixing cup for all the mixing, a measuring scoop to measure dry ingredients, a funnel for bottling your polish later, and a bamboo stick for stirring. The unique shape of the bamboo stir stick (with the paddle down) allows you to get in the crevices of the mixing cups and thoroughly incorporate dry ingredients into your liquid polish mixture.  A cool bonus is the pointed end of the stir stick can then be repurposed for nail art dots and design!

Bottle and mixing tools


As part of our patent-pending process, we’ve established a comprehensive set up for the optimal polish making experience.  We call this the “polish place setting”. 

Base and Color Ingredients

Once you’re set with your place setting, it’s time for the fun part – COLOR!  All polish and color ingredients included are responsibly sourced and minimally 10-free*, cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, and gluten-free. This makes everything safer for you and the environment. Want to explore more color options?  Check out our IGTV series where we dive deep with some of our color recipes. 

MYOP make your own polish tutorial

The Nail Polish Base is the safest eco-friendly formula available with the optimum amount of suspension for a long-wearing custom polish, without the use of heavy machinery, mixers or harsh chemicals.  Our dry ingredients, which range from pigments, natural clays and responsibly sourced micas, offer unique color and texture options for customization not found anywhere else.  These add tints of color, shimmer and depth to your polish.  Our liquid concentrates are highly concentrated colors, pre-dispersed in a safe polish base that offer A LOT of color with a very small amount…so small, their unit of measure are in tiny drops!


Taylor Made Make Your Own Polish Flat Lay


Even with the curated color ingredients you may be wondering, how do I “make” my perfect color?  All kits include a color guide with color theory explanation and charts specific to your kit.  All kits come with sample recipes and special edition collectible recipe cards.**  The best part about creating your own is that you can tweak any of these recipes to make them your own (lighter, darker, etc) or create something completely original.  Our blank recipe cards (also included in the kit) ensure you document your color so you can recreate it and never run short of your must have shades.

Bottling and Finishing Your Own Polish

Once you’ve created your perfect polish – it’s time to bottle! Arguably one of the most fun parts of polish making.  Our tiny funnels offer unique Instagram and Boomerang shots…I mean, how often do you actually see fresh polish being poured?!  Tag us with #myopkit – we love to re-share!  Our kits are a big upgrade from our originals that only included 1 or 2 bottles.  These kits allow you to create the exact color for you.  The kit includes 3 nail polish bottles (with mixing beads) to store the polish, as well as a funnel to transfer the polish from the mixing cup to the bottle. Then, you’ll have 3 neatly bottled, custom colors after an educational and creative experience! Don’t forget to come up with a name and use the included sticker labels to mark your creation.

Pouring Make Your Own Polish

*10-free means

**Want to save your recipe cards?  Custom color books are coming soon!  These books will have space for you to save the collectible cards as well as your own personally created recipes in a collectible book. 

Have you tried a Make Your Own Nail Polish kit? What color would you make?