Pros and Cons of One-Coat Nail Lacquers

Pros and Cons of One-Coat Nail Lacquers

Why wouldn’t everyone want full coverage in just one application? 

There are a variety of reasons someone would choose one-coat coverage over other formula types and vice versa.  Usually the motivation to choose one-coats are to save time, but there are pros and cons to all formulas!  We’re breaking down these pros and cons of One-Coat colors to help you decide what’s right for you!!



            After applying one-coat, you're done and free to kick back and relax.  Drying time could be a little longer, but since you’ve cut the application time in half, you can put your feet up and give your body and mind a rest!

            Full coverage color means you know the look you’re getting, no visible smile lines and easy removal of just one layer of polish!

            Perfect nail art palette.  Nail art can be time consuming.  When you can minimize the effort to create our palette base you can focus more on the fun! 



            Thicker formulas can sometimes make your lacquer more susceptible to chipping. 

            Although not always the case, depending on the manufacturer and color, one-coat coverage can take longer to dry than less viscous formulas.  

            Practice makes perfect with one coat formulas.  Because the consistency is different than your standard formulas you may need to work with the polish to find the best application method (angle, amount of polish on the brush, etc) to get your perfect application.

psst...check out our tips on "Working with One-Coats" to level up your nail game!


Whether you try this formula from TAYLOR MADE collections or make your own with our Custom Nail Polish kits, one-coat formulas can offer perks that may be an amazing fit for you!  Because we believe your nails are an opportunity to express yourself no collection is complete without at least a few “One Coat Wonders”.  Find out which ones are right for your nails and your lifestyle and be sure to have fun with them!  Life is too short for unpolished nails 😉