Bridal Polish Party – Naming Fun

Bridal Polish Party – Naming Fun

Once you’ve made your custom polish colors, it’s time to name them. Honestly, this is the part of the polish party that our community has the most fun with! And when you’re celebrating a special event, creating memorable or themed names is another part of your celebration you’ll love to look back on. Here are some prompts to get your creative juices flowing for you and your guests.

Save the Date

One go-to way to name your polish is to name it by the date it was made, so when you use it, you can always remember that day. If you and your bride tribe are making polishes for the wedding, you can also all name that polish by the wedding date!


Don’t be afraid to just name the polish by its color! With a bit of creativity, you can take the shade of the polish, such as pink or nude, and add it to a fun phrase. “Rosey Pink”, “Shooting Star Gold”, or “Perfect Purple”…think of plays on words or your favorite objects the colors remind you of.

Name in the Name

As funny as it sounds, you can name your polish based on a name! This is a wedding event after all. Maybe name it after the bride’s new name, like “Mrs. XYZ”, or play around with the change in title, like “From Miss to Mrs.” Nicknames, fun combinations of the bride and groom’s names, or even the wedding hashtag could all be sources of inspiration.

Fond Moments

Make the polish unique to your friendship and the event by naming it after inside jokes, significant moments, or memories. You can be inspired by the couple’s relationship, or by your bridal party’s relationship. Not only will the color bring back found memories, but so will the name!

So, don’t hang up your creative crowns just yet after the polish colors are made. You and your bridal party will have lots of fun creatively naming your final products, and this part of the celebration will be sure to bring laughs and smiles to your Bridal Polish Party.