Benefits of a Soy Polish Remover

Benefits of a Soy Polish Remover


Ever hear of a soy nail polish remover? You may be used to picking up your polish remover from the local drugstore, but investing in an alternative option may be in your best interest. Your nails are an extension of your body, and what you put on them counts! If you’re ready to give up the pungent smell, dry nails, and improve your overall health and nails, keep reading!

What are your nail polish remover options, and what’s in each?


Acetone based removers are the most common product on the market, and very commonly used in nail salons. Acetone acts as a solvent to literally dissolve the paint off your nail (pretty effectively). As a solvent, it also pulls all the oils off your nail, nail bed, and cuticle! Just for context, acetone is highly flammable and can even disintegrate plastic…who wants that on their nail or touching your skin during the removal process? Even when these removers are fortified with other ingredients and marketed as “strengthening” or “advanced”, at the end of the day, they are harsh and toxic. Acetone also easily vaporizes, filling the air with its smell.

Standard Non-Acetone

Some nail polish removers will be marketed as acetone free, but their solvents still aren’t the healthiest for you. These solvents include ethyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol and propylene carbonate, which all do the same to your manicure, dissolve the paint formulation. While they’re less drying than acetone, they can still dry out the nail, and they take a bit more work to use and remove the polish.


Soy polish remover is still a solvent, but much more gentle than other options. Made with soy-based Methyl Soyate, Dimethyl Adipate, and Dimethyl Glutarate, soy-based formulas are toxin free and filled with essential oils to improve the smell. An added bonus is the low vapor pressure of the soy product, meaning you’ll be breathing in less chemicals as you remove your polish.

Why choose soy?

Just based on the ingredients in a soy nail polish remover, there’s definitely a reason to make the switch. This formula is healthier for your external nails and your inner health! By reducing the chemicals you’re directly placing on your skin and nails, there’s less absorption and a reduced chemical overload. You’ll also be inhaling less chemicals. Besides benefitting your internal system, the soy polish remover is much less stripping on the nails and skins surrounding it, reducing the dryness, brittleness, and breakage!

An added bonus? No more pungent smell! Acetone can burn your nostrils, where soy remover has a pleasant scent you’ll love to be clouded by!

So, are you ready to swap to a soy-based nail polish remover? Check out our Taylor Made option (linked here), and get ready for a nail transformation. The vitamin infused soy formula is sure to transform your at-home manicures. With a healthy manicure from start to finish, you can feel good and look good!